How Many Watts Does A Solar Panel Produce In One Hour?

This is among the first questions I get when people start to talk with me about Solar Panels: How many watts does a solar panel produce in one hour?

Solar Panel Watts

The very simple and short answer to this is that today’s industry standard is to produce a 100 Watt per Hour Solar Panels!

But you guessed it right – It is not that simple and we need much more data in order to give a better answer, the Watt throughput of a Solar Panel in any given hour depends on many variable that can influence it.

Variable that influence Solar Panels Watts’ Throughput

– Geographic Location of the Solar Panels Installation
– Position of the solar panel towards the sun
– How many hours of sun light a day
– Are there any trees or buildings blocking the sun on the solar panels
– How is your electric cabling and wiring system configured
– How often do you clean your solar panels from dust or snow
– What is the solar panel’s energy loss

To sum it up, there are many variables that can interfere with your solar panel’s throughput and you need to take all these into consideration before starting a solar panels system project.

The real question you should ask yourself when it comes to installing solar panels for your home is:

How many solar panels do I need in order to completely power my house?

To answer this in a very general answer without getting into the calculation of a specific american household consumption of electricity, we can say that the average american residential is consuming about 1,000 Kilowatts Hours per month.

If I extrapolate from this number the number of Watts needed – it will be about 40 Solar Panels (100 Watts each) and this will sustain the needs of an average american household in term of sufficient electricity produced and consumed.

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