Are You Ready To Convert Your Home To Solar Power Energy

If you made up your mind and decided that you want to convert your home to be powered by solar energy using DIY Solar Panels Plans and Solar Heater, there are few things you need to look up and consider before you are going to make this step:

Home with Solar Panels

While it may look very simple and easy thing to do – just covering your roof with solar panels and moving on, it would be good to rethink many things that you use to do.

Here is a list of them:

  • Replace all the light bulbs in the house to florescent or LED
  • Insulate the house, check the windows and doors insulation
  • See if you can install curtains on the windows
  • Use energy efficient appliances and check their grade
  • Install sensors that will shut down lights in the rooms
  • Check it you have trees that may shade your roof
  • Check if you have a roof pointing south
  • See if you can install a solar sun tracker
  • Prepare place for the inverter and battery bank
  • Check the wiring in your house
  • Check for leaks from the roof
  • Check on federal and local rebates for the solar installation

The above list can help you gain much more from your solar panels installation, weather you are going for a DIY Solar Panels or just having some company install it for you.

I will expand more about each point in the list above in more blog posts here, but just to give you an idea of how this list can help you, just look at the first point – if the average american household will replace all the light bulbs to LED – it will cut their electric bill by approximately 20% .

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